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I'm Cal Thomas and I'm a wedding photographer based in Essex, married to my beautiful wife Ellie and father to my wonderful chocolate spaniel Scotty.

 I first started using a camera as more of a hobby and was immediately hooked,  I couldn't put my camera down and would take it everywhere with me. The photography bug then exploded when I was on my honeymoon in Africa in a safari jeep riding through the plains of the Serengeti.  Be sure to check out my travel section to see my early work and some photos from my African Safari - unfortunately I had to reduce them slightly otherwise you would spend a good week or so looking through them - Yes I took that many photos!

I'm all about a relaxed atmosphere and overall photographing you being you.  The best photography is candid and I prize myself on being able to capture the natural moments and produce quality images for you to keep for a life time.

My ultimate goal is to have you smiling each time you look at your photographs.

If you would like to know more about me, and what packages I offer feel free to reach out for a chat.